Yes, you read that correctly. Sounds morbid right? But those are usually the first words I speak each morning, unless of course, my feet happen to find a misplaced Lego or marble….then watch out! As I’m stumbling with one eye open to the back door to let my dog Lia outside, she’s excitedly holding her “baby” in her mouth ready to bolt outside. You see, Lia thinks that her “baby” Miss Piggy needs to go outside with her. The only problem is, she tends to forget she brought her “baby” outside with her once she sniffs all of the wonderful aromas of the outdoors. Because I have learned of the “casualties” of her babies, I now make her “drop the baby” before heading outside. For instance, somewhere buried and forgotten in the masses of the many “white mountains” is Mabel, her brown cow. And then there’s Ducky, once again he’s submerged under an abundance of snow as if awaiting to be rediscovered. Ducky’s thicker coat had allowed him to survive last year’s abandonment. But I’m not too sure how Mabel will fair through this winter though, as her coat isn’t as tough as Ducky’s. My hope for both of Lia’s “babies” is that neither are buried too close to a missed lawn brat, because once Lia rediscover’s them, happiness will be hers, just like a mother who hasn’t seen her child for many months.


Lia with her “baby” Miss Piggy


I never realized how silly that sounded until my oldest daughter told me she had to say it to her daughter the other day. Maybe it’s something hereditary? Why my children and now grandchild have a tendency to have to lick the windows is beyond me. I have never used bubble gum flavored window cleaner, nor have I ever tested out nor demonstrated licking a window (must be something from their dad’s side). While driving in the car during the cold winter months when my children were younger, I recall telling them to “quit drawing on the windows”. I guess that’s when they decided licking them might be more of an more amusing way to annoy me. After our road trips, there always would be tongue marks on the windows of the car. I question what others thought while driving by, seeing my children with their faces plastered to the car window, tongue sticking out and licking the windows. Then of course, they had to try the windows at home. Now that was even more amusing to them, since at home they learned the skill of writing their names on the windows with their tongues!

I have had a few years of no window licking, but now that my granddaughter is carrying on the tradition, maybe I should see if they make bubble gum flavored window cleaner?

I didn’t have any luck finding bubble gum flavored window cleaner, but I did find a recipe for bubble gum ice cream that looks absolutely yummy! If your interested in this recipe here is the link:




So here I am, almost 43 years old, 4 kids, 1 granddaughter, a dog, 2 cats, divorced and doing schoolwork.  Schoolwork?  Yes, schoolwork.  A few years ago, at my previous healthcare job I had a devastating back injury and had to decide on a different career path that didn’t involve lifting more than ten pounds.  The Health Informatics and Information Management program at Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids seemed to be just the right fit for me.  Since healthcare was my interest all along, I would have to go from doing the “hands-on” work, to doing more of the technical side of this field.  So far, it hasn’t been easy.  But I know that the payoff and sense of accomplishment will be very rewarding.

The Health Information and Information Management Program will teach me a vast amount of information and allow me the opportunity for several different employment placements.  For example:  Data Quality Analyst, Diagnosis Related Group Coordinator, Health Information Supervisor, Health Information Technician, and many others.  There are also many potential advancement opportunities associated with this career path.  If you would like to learn more about this program please follow the following link: