So here I am, almost 43 years old, 4 kids, 1 granddaughter, a dog, 2 cats, divorced and doing schoolwork.  Schoolwork?  Yes, schoolwork.  A few years ago, at my previous healthcare job I had a devastating back injury and had to decide on a different career path that didn’t involve lifting more than ten pounds.  The Health Informatics and Information Management program at Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids seemed to be just the right fit for me.  Since healthcare was my interest all along, I would have to go from doing the “hands-on” work, to doing more of the technical side of this field.  So far, it hasn’t been easy.  But I know that the payoff and sense of accomplishment will be very rewarding.

The Health Information and Information Management Program will teach me a vast amount of information and allow me the opportunity for several different employment placements.  For example:  Data Quality Analyst, Diagnosis Related Group Coordinator, Health Information Supervisor, Health Information Technician, and many others.  There are also many potential advancement opportunities associated with this career path.  If you would like to learn more about this program please follow the following link:  http://www.mstc.edu/programs/health-informatics-and-information-management


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